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Who is Rick Rantz And why does he have a radio show???


Good question. The best answer is...just listen to the show. Listen to the show for 5 minutes and you'll understand why Rick Rantz has a radio show. Who is he? Well, that's another story altogether.


Alcoholics Anonymous

Dog Positions




The Common Sense Party is about becoming a country where intellect is celebrated, hard work is rewarded and education of our youth is a first priority.



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Rantz On... Some samples from the Rick Rantz Radio Show.


Hate... In the name of the Lord thy God

Enemies Domestic

We are Christians you Know

Let Allah Sort it Out

Geisha Facial


Rantz Philosophy

Low expectations = Minimal disappointments

If ignorance is bliss...then awareness is hell

The high road is always less crowded

Rick Observes

quote  I saw a child cry based on the toy they got at McDonald's. To me, this would constitute an unhappy meal"

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